We will be back at it again on Saturday, June 8th at Bluemont Park in Arlington, VA @ 7:00 AM. The coaches will be Nick and Sid.  
Coach Nick is going to do a seminar on running basics and equipment.
Sign Up: PLEASE sign-up for each training run. Please click on the following link
and enter your information. Please sign-up by Thursday (5/30) at Noon.
Meeting Point: Check out the map to the parking and run location.
We will be in Bluemont Park which is on N Manchester St. off of Wilson Blvd. The address is 601 N Manchester St, Arlington, VA 22205.

Distance: The scheduled mileage is 8 miles for marathon trainees and 4 miles for the Half-Marathon trainees.

Route: The 8 mile route will start at Bluemont milepost 3.5 on the W&OD Trail. We will run North from Bluemont to milepost 7.5 and back to Bluemont for a total of 8 miles.

The Half Marathoners will run North as well and go to milepost 5.5 and back to Bluemont for a a total of 4 miles.
Host Charity: MarrowMinded

MCC News: Please check out the MCC Training Page.

Carpool Information: If anyone needs a ride to the MCC training workout this Saturday (or any Saturday), please send an email to carpool@mc-coop.org. Please include your address/neighborhood along with your contact information. We will attempt to pair you up with a ride giver, please send any carpool request by Wednesday 9 PM ET. Thank you.

Next week: We will be running on Saturday, June 15th at Carderock and the Host Charity will be TASSC. The coaches will be Kevin and Satya.