57th Birthday Adventure Report
   I am very happy to report that the birthday adventure was a great sucess.  I may have run the miles, but the run was not a solitary venture by any means.  My friends provided excellent crew support every step of the way.
All mileage cards made by Nicole, thanks Sweetie Pie! 
A special thanks is shouted out to the runners who paced me along the way, which include:
Doug - 40 Miles
Siva - 20 Miles
Arun - 18 Miles 
Kirk - 18.5 Miles + 41.5 miles on the bike 
Cathy - 12 Miles 
Satya  - 1 Mile + 41.5 miles on the bike 
   We started at 6:16PM on Friday, July 17th from the Mountian Lock Recreation Area near Sharpsburg, MD.  It was a beautiful, hot (91 degrees) summer afteroon as the crew assembled at the start.
Mile #1 sponsored by: Cathy B. 
    The crew assembles back at the start after the first mile upriver.  From left to right: Sai, Anand, Nathan, Siva, DougKirk, and the birthday boy holding the 1st mile card.
 Mile #2 sponsored by: The Panebianco Family
Mile #3 sponsored by: Kyle S.  
As the crew prepared for the trip down river,
Doug, Kirk & Nick take off down the towpath under the canopy of trees. 
 Mile #4 ALSO sponsored by: Kyle S.
Nick & Doug taking a short break at Dargan's Bend as the sun starts to set. 
 Mile #5 sponsored by: Peter C.  
 Mile #6 sponsored by: Peter, Arun & Brooke
Nick & Doug still looking fresh as the sun continues to set.  
Mile #7 sponsored by: Mona S.
As the sun continues to wane, the sights near Harper's Ferry are lovely. 
Mile #8 sponsored by: Krischelle L.
Mile #9 sponsored by: Larry H.
Mile #10 ALSO sponsored by: Larry H.
Mile #11 yet another sponsored by: Larry H. 
No, Nick isn't flashing gang signs :-).
You'll notice that some of our sposnors were extra generous and sopnsored several miles,
the digits represent the running total number of miles the donor sponsored.
Mile #12 again sponsored by: Larry H. 
Kirk is going strong along side Nick & Doug
Mile #13 the 5th mile sponsored by: Larry H.  
Darkness falls on our runners.
Mile #14 sponsored by: Larry H. & Debi C.
The still of the night starts to take it toll as the air grows more humid. 
Mile #15 sponsored by: Jorge G.
Do we look a little more weary, it's harder running in the night while eating spider webs! 
Mile #16 also sponsored by: Jorge G.
Mile #17 sponsored by: Anjali C.
Mile #18 sponsored by: Ram G.
Kirk finishes 18.5 miles as we take our first break at
Lander Lock and then its back to the trail for Nick & Doug
Mile #19 also sponsored by: Ram G. 
Mile #20 sponsored by the lovely: Becky P.
Arun joins in the sweaty duo.
Mile #21 sponsored by: Mike & Ann

Mile #22 sponsored by: Doug H.
 Doug sponsors and runs mile 22!
Mile #23 sponsored by: Chris S.
Mile #24 sponsored by: Evlos Technology, Inc.
Mile #25 also sponsored by: Evlos Technology, Inc. 
 Mile #26 sponsored by: Evlos Technology, Inc. 
Mile #27 once again sponsored by: Evlos Technology, Inc. 
Mile #28, fifth mile sponsored by: Evlos Technology, Inc. 
  As we approached the 1/2 way mark,
this was the toughest part to mentally endure as the clock approached midnight.
 Mile #29 sponsored by: Judith & Charlie
Mile #30 sponsored by: Judith & Charlie 
Mile #31 also sponsored by: Judith & Charlie
Mile #32 once again sponsored by: Judith & Charlie 
Mile #33 another sponsored by: Judith & Charlie
Mile #34, the last mile sponsored by
Judith & Charlie and the first mile by Bill R.
When we reached mile 34, it was time for another break. 
At White's Ferry, both Arun and Doug left the trail
and I was joined by Siva who took me to day break. 
It was nice to get something to eat and drink and change from soaking wet clothes.
Mile #35 sponsored by: Bill R. & Ganesh S.
Mile #36 sponsored by: Bill R. & Arun S.
Mile #37 sponsored by: Bill R. & Samir C.
Notice the gargantuan weed growing behind us at nearly 6 feet tall!
Mile #38 sponsored by: Bill R. (his 5th mile) & Venugopal C.
Mile #39 sponsored by: Justin F. & Ram G.
Mile #40 sponsored by: Brooke C. & Ram G.
Mile #41 sponsored by: Chuck F. & Mazen B.
Mile #42 sponsored by: Jay W. & Jay M.
Mile #43 sponsored by: Sada P. & Charles W.
Mile #44 sponsored by: My Wonderful Sister Jan & Ajay A.
Mile #45 sponsored by: My nephew Josh & Harry C.
Mile #46 sponsored by: Iqraa Champion Kirk & Cindy C.
Mile #47 sponsored by: Kirk C. & Sid A.
Dawn on Saturday, July 18th breaks over the Seneca Creek Aquaduct as we finish mile #47.
Taking a last break before the final push to the end.
It's hard to believe that I ran all night! 
 Mile #48 sponsored by: Rich E. & Sid A. (#2)
 As day broke, Sid handed me off to Cathy B, one of my favorite MCC Coaches!
Mile #49 sponsored by: Kevin D. & Seetharaman N.
Nick looking a little dazed in the early morning!
Mile #50 sponsored again by: Kevin D. & Seetharaman N.
Mile #51 sponsored by: Alvin & Seetharaman (3rd)
Mile #52 sponsored once again by: Alvin & Seetharaman
Mile #53 sponsored by: Alvin (3rd) & Seetharaman (5th)
Mile #54 sponsored by: Alvin G. & Lisa L.
 Taking a short break as the last miles take their toll.
Mile #55 sponsored by: Alvin G. & Raja R.
Mile #56 sponsored by: Alvin G. (his 6th) & Vandana
Mile #57 (last mile?) sponsored by: Subhash & Vandana
As the sun rises, the 57th birthday mile is completed!!! 
The two very faithful bikers supported me through the last
41.5 miles and deserve high honorable mention. 
Thanks Kirk, I couldn't have made it without you! 
 Thanks Satya, your portage of the Red Bag of Courage was essential!
With 57 miles complete, we were still 3 miles from our destination due to a
little extra distance planned and the towpath being longer than the milestones report.
So, we trudged onward and I actually ran 60 miles by the time we reached Carderock.
I finished to the cheers of a couple dozen friends who sang Happy Bithday and had a terrific cake
and ice cream bars for everyone.  What a great breakfast after an all night run! 
Well the adventure was an unqalified success especially given that the
total funds raised for MCC are now over $8,300! 
Thank you all for your great generosity in making this
adventure and my birthday so special. 


57th Birthday Run for MCC Charities 

The MCC President, Nicholas Panebianco, is running 57 miles for his 57th Birthday in July!
Given the difficulty for MCC to generate revenue in 2020 using road races, the MCC charity recipients are in even more dire situations than in the past. While so many around the world are suffering, those most underprivileged are all but forgotten. MCC serves the truly marginalized of the world. If the first world’s population is out of work and struggling, what chance do those on the fringes of society have?
In an effort to replace a portion of the revenue that MCC annually provides to our charities, Coach Nick will run 57 miles. While the mileage is daunting, he is pledging to make each mile count by soliciting a $100 pledge for each mile. All funds raised will go directly to the MCC Charity Partners where 100% of those funds are given directly to their charity recipients and/or programs. Your donation can be given to a specific MCC Charity Partner or split equally between all four partners.
Please support Marathon Charity Cooperation and sponsor a mile (or more) for Coach Nick:
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