Revenge of the Penguins

10-Miler and 20-Miler

C&O Canal Towpath

Sunday, September 19, 2021 @ 8:00 AM

Why is the race called, "Revenge of the Penguins?"

2018 & 2017 race photos


Please read Race Welcome Letter

Covid-19 Update: On August 16, the National Park Service implemented an updated masking policy available https://www.nps.gov/orgs/1207/covid-mask-requirement.htm. As a result, participants will be required to wear masks both before and after the race, but not during the race. Masks will be required both in the picnic area and while waiting in the starting line corrals. Masks may be removed once each runner departs the starting corral. At this time, our plan is to line up in two waves (1st wave will be for 20 miler runners and 2nd wave will be for 10 miler runners).

For your safety and safety of others around you, we ask that please do not participate in the race if you feel any of the symptoms of Covid-19 or have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for the virus.

MCC is being cautiously optimistic in opening registration for our September race. We are hopeful that the COVD-19 vaccine distribution will continue successfully so that we can safely conduct our annual event.


  • C&O Canal Towpath, Carderock Recreation Area, Clara Barton Parkway, Carderock MD between Mile post 10 and Mile post 11 and finishes at the same place.

Brief Description

  • On the historic C&O Canal Towpath from Carderock Recreation Area, Clara Barton Parkway, Carderock MD between Mile post 2.0 & Mile post 12.0.
  • Flat, shady, tree-lined, with scenic riverside vistas - the course you always dreamed about!
  • Any runner who registers by Aug 12th is guaranteed a Race Premium (late registrants, please check after the race for availability).

Our goal

  • A low-key, low-stress practice race for anyone training for a marathon, half marathon, or for anyone that just wants the challenge. We provide course support.

Refunds and Deferrals

  • Entry fees cannot be refunded for any reason including injury, pregnancy, weather, or family emergencies. We regret that we cannot make exceptions. Race registrations may NOT be deferred to another year.

Packet pickup

  • Sunday, September 19, 6:00 AM -7:45 AM, on site at C&O Canal Tow Path, Carderock Recreation Area, Clara Barton Parkway, Carderock, MD.

Directions to Start/Finish

  • C&O Canal Tow Path, Carderock Recreation Area, Clara Barton Parkway, Carderock, MD can be found using Google Maps


  • Parking is available in the parking area near the start/finish line.


  • On the historic C&O Canal Tow path, Carderock Recreation Area, Clara Barton Parkway, Carderock, MD starts near Mile 10.5 and West to Mile post 12.0 and East to Mile post 2.0 for 20 mile and Mile post 7.0 for 10 Mile runs and turn West to the same place where the race was started.
  • 10 Mile Course Map and 20 Mile Course Map 
  • 10 Mile Course MAP (jpeg)
  • 20 Mile Course MAP (jpeg)

Aid Stations

  • Five aid stations along the course.
  • 10 Mile runners pass aid stations Five times.
  • 20 Miler pass aid stations ten times (approximately every two miles).
  • Each aid station has water and Gatorade.  
  • First aid, course marshals, and bike support on the course as well.
  • If you require medical assistance, or if you cannot finish the race, please contact the closest aid station or course marshal.


  • Per USATF rules, scoring is based on clock time, not net time.

Additional Information

  • This unique out-and-back course runs through one of the area's first environmentally-protected zones, dating back to the 1830's.
  • Watch for deer and other wildlife at dawn.
  • The C&O Canal for its entire 183-mile length is a swath of green amidst urban development.
  • The race course is a narrow (12-foot) wide unpaved trail, entirely flat, and runs past 150-year-old locks and gatehouses.
  • We offer water and aid stations at the locks roughly every two miles.
  • We share the course with other users and bicyclists, so stay to the right.
  • Assisted by Marathon Charity Cooperation's partner charities and affiliated running clubs.
  • Updated Headphone Policy
  • Updated Stroller Policy


  • After the race, enjoy our post-race food and entertainment.